A0053 - Sterling Silver & Heart Howlite Necklace, 26"

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This is a USED Vintage Sterling Silver Necklace with inline Howlite beads and a 3/4" heart shaped Howlite pendant. We bought this used and dirty and tarnished.

Are we sure its Howlite? No. It resembles Howlite with one exception. It is harder than Howlite should be. Howlite is 3.5 on the mohs hardness scale, yet I was unable to scratch it (in an inconspicuous place of course) with a steel tool. Steel being 4.5 in the mohs scale should have been able to scratch the stone. White stones with gray veins is indicative of Howlite and maybe it has been stabilized which has made it harder than steel. 

White stone with black veins and some brown matrix is commonly referred to as White Buffalo or White Turquoise. Those are harder than steel, but do not usually contain gray veins. Marble is another possibility, but it is even softer than Howlite. This vein on white style of jewelry became popular in the 1980's (I think I heard that somewhere.) If this turns out to be White Buffalo, then bonus to you. We are selling it as Howlite (cheaper price).

The chain used in the necklace has alternating large and small links. The small links get a twist into a figure eight shape. The pendant is permanently attached and all links are soldered.

Now when I first started looking at this chain, I could find no purity marks. After running it thru the pin polisher to clean it up, I was able to see 925 marked on the jaw or tongue of the lobster clasp. OK its a lobster so it's not a jaw or a tongue. What is it? Half a claw? It was a very tiny mark, and I had to use my microscope camera to take a photo of it, I hope you appreciate that effort.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Howlite beads; 4.4-4.54 mm dia.
  • Howlite Heart: 20x19.5 mm
  • Length: 26 inch
  • Chain Width:  2.45 mm
  • Weight: 3.1 grams (chain and dangle)