C0014 - Plasma Agate Slab

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This stone was from an estate, so we don't know much about it except that it looked really cool. We don't know what it is called so we just call it Green Swirly Stone

UPDATE: I have been informed that this is called Plasma Agate.

We slabbed up some pieces and cabbed a couple to see what it looked like. It looks awesome! It is odd, but the slab looks almost the same whether it is wet or dry. Our saw does make a nice clean cut. The slab is photographed dry.

The cabs we made are shown in the group photo along with a few other slabs. The item being sold is the slab shown by itself in the other photos. We show both sides of the stone.

We threw in a bonus photo of this slab when back lit with a flashlight. Looks cool where the light comes through.

A note about cabbing this material. The material has varying hardness levels. So use caution when working the hard material not to remove too much of the softer material. We found the browner color to be softer. The white material was extra hard.  

Length 4 1/2"

Height 1 7/8"

Thickness 0.30" (7.5 mm)

Weight 95.6 grams (3.37 oz)