E0068 - 800 Vintage Vermeil Filigree Floral Pin

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We just cannot get over the workmanship that was done on vintage Filigree Jewelry. Truly amazing. This piece was gilded, vermeiled or gold plated (whatever you wish to call it). But the gold was applied only to sections providing a two color effect. Link to Burl Ives singing "Silver and Gold."

The piece has a tag fused on the back that has some kind of makers mark (maybe 2TAC) and clearly shows 800, which means the pin it is 80% Silver and 20% mystery metal. Typically, the mystery metal is copper which is added to the silver to give it strength. With such fine wires making up the filigree, it makes sense for the silversmith to want to use metal a little stronger that sterling (especially if they intended plate it afterward.)

Since no silver areas show on the back of the pin, we presume that the entire pin was gold plated and then silver plating was applied to the silver areas on the front. Some of the silver areas of the leaves were painted with some kind of blue paint. We were able to remove most of it, but there may still be bits of blue in the nooks and crannies. There was no blue paint on the flower petals.

Lead test swab showed no lead on this pin and it has no attraction to a magnet. Both good tests. 

The pin on the backside has a very unique clasp that we have never seen before. A small tube slides over the pointy end of the pin to hold it. Hard to get poked with the pointy end if it is safely tucked away inside a tube, eh?


  • Material: Silver Alloy 800 (hallmark)
  • Plating Material: Gold and Silver (our guess)
  • Height: 41 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Weight: 10.28 grams