F0015 - Sterling Silver and Larimar Pendant, 4.0g

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, this pendant was a single earring who lost its mate and ended up being sold for scrap. The center stone was but a plastic bead. When the poor thing found its way to our desk, we took pity. The earring was disassembled and we made the plastic bead disappear. Evanesco!

We searched our inventory of cabochons and struck out. Then we searched our inventory of beads and found a string of Larimar beads that were just the right size. We selected a bead and cut it in half. Geminio! Now we have two cabochons. We picked the best of the two and set it back in the sterling bezel.

Next we added a new sterling pinch bail and reassembled the rings and Reparo! Now we have a beautiful Larimar and Sterling Silver Pendant waiting for your order.

The bail and pendant bezel are marked 925. The three repurposed components (two circles and one bezel) all acid tested as sterling silver and are not attracted to a magnet.


  • Metal: Sterling Silver 925
  • Stone: Larimar
  • Height: 42 mm
  • Width: 35 mm
  • Weight: 4.00 grams
  • NEW with REPURPOSED components