F0038 Argentium Wire Wrap Blue and White Agate Intarsia Pendant, 28.79g

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I wish I knew the name of the stones we used here, so we could try to buy more of them. The sky blue with white clouds makes a great sky appearance. For now, we are just calling it blue and white agate.

Marla's hubby created this intarsia cabochon using the blue and white agate. Argentium silver is used in between the stone sections. The intarsia is backed with a thin slab of jade which is hard and helps hold the everything together.

Marla wire wrapped the cabochon using Argentium Silver wire. Argentium is more resistant to Sterling and is 93.5% pure silver.


  • Metal: Argentium Silver 935
  • Stones: Blue/White Agate and White Agate
  • Backing Stone: Jade
  • Adhesive: STARBOND High Performance Premium Cyanoacrylate
  • Height: 77 mm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Weight: 28.79 grams
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